Auto-Turn Manufacturing, Inc. offers the finest in products and services. These include:

Click here to download a PDF of our equipment list.

20+ machinists that can handle set-ups and an additional 10 production machinist skilled to accomplish a wide range of Close Tolerance machining.

It is our policy to return a quote the same day or within 24 hours. Email your quotation request to

Orders Filled As Promised
It is our policy to “say what we will do and do what we say” when it comes to on-time deliveries. For order requests, email

ISO 9001:2015 Certified
We have been ISO certified for several years.

Computerized Office and Warehouse Floor
We have worked hard over the last 2 years to become 95% paperless in the office and send most documents electronically. We are currently working to add a computer to every workstation in the shop with the goal to have the shop floor 95% paperless.

Automated Shipping
Our automated shipping services include:

  • Advanced Shipment Notification
  • Electronic Order Confirmation
  • Weekly Order Verification
    On a weekly basis (as desired) we want to see what you are looking at regarding delivery date, just in case something fell through the crack. We will do anything that will help you as our customer.

Order Structures

  • Kanban orders filled by visual inspection
  • Blanket Purchase Orders filled with release dates
  • Standard orders filled per agreed Purchase Order
  • Auto-Turn to furnish the materials for what we call a “part complete” when applicable.
  • A direct connection with our accounting department can be accomplished by e-mail at

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