Auto-Turn Vision Statement 2009
When I look at Auto-Turn; I see an effortless, consistent, and efficient operating system.

  • Effortless
    I see each worker engaged in their work assignment with an effortless flow of motion that produces results. We will know when we are getting close because our workers will truly enjoy work. Work is a blessing and before man first sinned in the Garden of Eden they worked tilling the soil, the stress came after the sin. A current day example (that several of us have seen) is EMJ warehouse and distribution center in Chicago, where it seemed that everyone was doing their job with a stead flow in an effortless manner.

  • Consistent
    As we know, the basis of a CNC machine is that it can produce a very consistent part. I see our shop with an extremely high level of consistency not only in the parts but every aspect of the company. When someone is on vacation, the team shifts in responsibilities so that every task is covered in a consistent manner. I think we all appreciate that the heavens and the earth were created so we can predict the location of every object in our solar orbit with consistency. A current day example of this is McDonalds and you might not like their hamburger but you know that you will be getting the same product every time because of their ability to be consistent.

  • Efficient
    I see our company satisfying our customers and workers with an overwhelming level of efficiency. When you walk on to the property of Auto-Turn you feel the efficiency. With efficiency comes: on-time deliveries, short set-up times, tools in their assigned locations, and profit for the company. The earth was created with great efficiency and there is nowhere that we see wasted motion or activities because everything said or done has a purpose. A current day example is QuikTrip as their entire operation revolves around efficiency, and my banker friends will tell anyone that has a convenience store near a new QuikTrip to "close up shop as fast as possible because you can not compete with them" because of their efficiency.

  • Operating System
    I see an operating system with people constantly focused on modifying and improving the operating system. This includes every aspect of the company: system of hiring, system of training, system of downloading the programs, system of cleaning the bathroom, system of locating items in the warehouse and etc. We often marvel at the fact that the heavens and earth (everything) was created in six days, but the bigger marvel is the seventh day of rest and nothing has been changed since that day of rest. Everything was created in systems and sub-systems which are efficiently interdependent on the other sub-systems. Examples: solar system, respiratory system, circulatory system, the tidal system, etc. The current day example is Auto-Turn Manufacturing. We may not have accomplished this yet, but we will very soon.

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