About Our Team

Auto-Turn CEO Steve Burkett

Steve Burkett


Our Story

Established in 1983, Auto-Turn has continued to evolve as the preferred precision machining solution of multiple industries in the region.  Over the last 39 years, the facility has tripled in size, dozens of CNC machines were purchased (with corresponding inspection technology), and a highly efficient ERP system has been implemented and recently upgraded to ensure process efficiency, material traceability, and on-time delivery.

Our Team

Here at Auto-turn we pride ourselves on being the best there is.  That means always putting the needs of our customers

above our own with quality that shines through on everything we do.

Our Story

Through the principles of Servant Leadership, Auto-Turn will provide opportunities for our community to achieve personal and professional success by providing resources and training to ensure individual growth and team achievements measured by Safety, Quality, and On-Time Delivery.

Together, with relentless focus and collaboration…as the world evolves, so does Auto-Turn.

Auto-Turn CEO Steve Burkett sitting at a desk in an office

Our Facilities

Building One

Auto-turn Facility Building one

Building Two

Auto-turn Facility Building Two

The Auto-turn facilities span approximately 47,000 ft2 including the extension of a secondary facility building that comprises 22,000 ft2. In addition to the many machines located inside of the facility, we are also equipped with a sand blasting facility. Our shipping and receiving area is easily accessible for large trailer deliveries. Up-time is of high importance to Auto-turn. As such, we have equipped our facilities with 2 large compressors to mitigate the risk of downtime.

Inside our Facilities

Auto-turn's production facility

The floorplan inside of our facilities is optimized for high efficiency. This includes a multi-machine robotics cell, wide aisle design for employee safety, forklift navigation and large part flow. 

Auto-turn operates from an efficient Kanban processes stocking plan based upon the customer demand.  All quality control happens in our quality lab where parts are segregated environmentally and tested rigorously.